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from Alcohol Coach Steps to Overcoming Addiction – In Recovery—Steps to Overcoming Addiction. Seek treatment. The first step to recovery is to decide to seek treatment. It’s hard for people to recognize or admit they have a problem, even when they are putting their lives – or the Continue reading Related Posts:Recovery: the Big UmbrellaStages of ChangeMommy’s Coming Home from TreatmentRecovery Is is For SaleWhy Try Alcoholics Anonymous?

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from Alcohol Coach College Drinking Consequences – Image via Wikipedia A Snapshot of Annual High-Risk College Drinking Consequences The consequences of excessive and underage drinking affect virtually all college campuses, college communities, and college students, whether they choose to drink or not. Annual statistics: Death: 1,825 college Continue reading Related Posts:Alcoholic Energy Drinks DangerousAlcohol Use & Impulsivity LinkedPeers Influence Older Adults Drink…

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from Alcohol Coach Alcohol Coach – By using the processes in this manual you can start and give ongoing support to a person on the road to recovery from alcoholism. Continue reading Related Posts:Why Try Alcoholics Anonymous?12 Step Groups for Drug AbuseAlcohol Abuse Or Alcoholism, Are You Crossing The Line?Recovery: the Big UmbrellaSteps to Overcoming Addiction

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from Alcohol Coach Dark Liquors Cause Worse Hangovers – Dark Liquors Cause Worse Hangovers, But All Impair Morning-After Performance Drinking darker-colored liquor like whiskey or bourbon is more likely to leave you with a hangover the next day than downing vodka or other clear liquors, researchers say. However, no Continue reading Related Posts:Elderly Drinkers at High RiskAlcohol Use & Impulsivity LinkedHeavy Drinkers and Risky BehaviourAlcohol & Bowel Cancer RiskFem…

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from Alcohol Coach Alcohol & Women’s Health – Excessive Alcohol Use and Risks to Women’s Health Although men are more likely to drink alcohol and drink in larger amounts, gender differences in body structure and chemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol, and take longer to break it Continue reading Related Posts:Alcohol Use and CancerWhy is Alcohol Dangerous during Pregnancy?Alcohol & Risks to Men’s HealthPremature birth risk ‘linked to drinking duringAlcohol Increa…

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from Alcohol Coach Stages of Change – People pass through stages of change when they have a problem behavior such as drinking too much, drugging, excessive gambling, co-dependency or sex addiction. These stages are: Precontemplation is the stage in which there is no intention to change behavior Continue reading Related Posts:Popular PostsBipolar Diagnostic ScaleAlcohol Use & Impulsivity LinkedAddictions counselor explains ‘substance abuseWhat is Alcohol?

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from Alcohol Coach A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved – Putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects in the brain University of California Los Angeles Why does putting our feelings into words — talking with a therapist or friend, writing in a journal — help us to feel better Continue reading Related Posts:Alcoholism Is Alcohol and DepressionDrinkers Unaware of Zoning OutWork AddictionCoffee Lowers Suicide Risk

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from Alcohol Coach How Long to Form a New Habit? – How Long to Form a Habit? Want to change your excessive alcohol / drinking habits? This article can help you plan how long it may take. In the experience of our Alcohol Coaches changing drinking habits takes longer than drinking Continue reading Related Posts:What is alcoholism?When Does Moderate Drinking Become A Problem? : NPRToo Young To Be An Alcoholic?Alcohol & Women’s HealthHeavy Drinkers and Risky Behaviour

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from Alcohol Coach Recovery: the Big Umbrella – Recover — verb. 1: get something back again after losing it; regain. 2: get well again after being ill or weak. Above is the Oxford Dictionary meaning of the word recovery. Notice, it’s about getting something back after losing Continue reading Related Posts:Steps to Overcoming AddictionToo Young To Be An Alcoholic?Why Try Alcoholics Anonymous?Alcoholism Is 12 Step Groups for Drug Abuse